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Martin 16

The Martin16 is designed to be sailed by 1 person from a seated forward position, with all controls easily accessible from this position.  There is seating for an instructor or companion.  The boat’s joystick steering device and one sheet sail control allows people with severe disabilities and very limited hand function to sail independently. The Martin 16 accommodates optional automated systems for steering, sail sheeting and bilge pumping.

A 300-pound lead bulb attached to the keel makes it impossible to capsize.  The Martin 16 is a dry ride due to a high freeboard and special spray damping deck flange.  Multiple buoyancy compartments make the boat unsinkable.

The inherent stability of the boat, along with the adjustable seating and specialized control systems make the Martin 16 truly accessible to all physically challenged sailors.

The Martin 16 Power-Assist System is a modular, self-contained, portable power-assisted steering and sheeting system. Power-Assist Systems are used on the Martin 16, Sonar, Freedom 20, Catalina 22, Cal 20, 2.4mR and Challenger Tri-maran, and even a Tripp 40 offshore sport boat!

Sailing Performance

The martin16 is a day sail and a recreational program sailboat because it is easily managed by 1 person with any level of physical ability.  Sail trimming has been combined to one line for each of the two sails.  The boat’s low draft and adjustable weighted drop keel makes it suitable for ramp launching.  The martin16 can be rigged in a relatively short period of time.  The ‘rumble’ seat option can accommodate an instructor or caregiver.

The Martin 16 is touted as a one-design high performance sloop.  The narrow hull provides impressive performance and excellent responsiveness.  By incorporating the needs of high quad sailing, the Martin 16 is an accessible one designed sailboat.  High quads using the sip and puff electronic control option race competitively.